River Noce: the best fishing in Val di Sole

Fishing enthusiasts in Val di Sole have an easy life: crystal clear water, unspoilt nature and dream fish await you for a really unforgettable adventure!

River Noce, the king fisher in Val di Sole

The Noce is one of the most important torrents in Trentino: its source is in the Stelvio National Park, its waters are controlled by the Santa Giustina dam in Val di Non and flows into the river Adige. Despite being a torrent it is often called a "river" given its volume of water. In the highest part towards Cogolo di Peio, it is a typical alpine stream: shallow, clear water and minimum human activity. All these aspects make it ideal for fly, spinner bait or spoon lure fishing. Typical fish to be found in the Noce are brown and marble trout that are both native and introduced to the area.

Vermigliana Stream for brown trout fishing in Val di Sole

Just downstream you can discover the Vermigliana Stream: a well stocked waterway with large banks and  numerous pools. It is particularly rich in brown trout, both indigenous and introduced into the area in the Ready Fishing area. In the Vermiglio area there is also the Big Fish zone, stocked with an abundance of trout that is great for both fly and spinner bait fishing. In the Fucine area there is a stretch of the stream that is often used for competitions. Here only No-Kill fly fishing is permitted.

Lake Pian Palù, ideal for ground bait fishing in Val di Sole

For those looking for a different spot and want to spend time doing some ground bait fishing can try their luck at Lake Pian Palù. It is an artificial lake at an altitude of 1.800 m above sea level that dams the first stretch of Noce Nero stream (one of the two branches of Noce torrent). To reach it you have to take a path for about 15 minutes. It is full of brown and rainbow trout, but above all of American char and brook trout. Here you can fish with both surface and depth bombards or with spinner bait with minnows and spoon lure.

Sport Fishing in Val di Sole

Small lakes for sport fishing. Do you want to fish in Val di Sole but don’t have a licence? No problem! In Commezzadura and Pellizzano you can do sport fishing for trout in a small lake by paying for a permit by the hour or by paying for what you catch by the kilo. Jigging, trolling and float fishing are the most suitable to catch rainbow trout in sport fishing lakes.

General rules for fishing in Trentino

The water in Trentino is category A which means it is mostly full of salmonids. To fish here it is necessary to have a type B licence. It is also necessary to purchase daily permits  which have different rules and costs depending on the fishing area. Fishing in fast flowing water is usually only permitted from the last Sunday in February to the last Sunday in September while in the lakes from the 1st of January (or when the water thaws) to 30 of September.