Stelvio National Park: not just excursions

In the Stelvio National Park you can come into contact with nature by going on walks and excursions in its woods, glaciers and green valleys. The park also includes villages, mountain communities, history and traditions that are typical in mountain areas.

In the heart of the park, Peio is the ideal departure point to discover the alpine environment with its pastures, woods and peaks. Along the itineraries and paths you can admire waterfalls, colourful and multicolour alpine flora and many species of  wildlife: deer, goats, marmots, bearded vultures and eagles.

There are numerous itineraries of varying degrees of difficulty for excursions in the Stelvio National Park: from longer more challenging trekking trails to high altitude mountain huts to simple walks that can even be done with children and pushchairs. All are done during the day starting from our hotel, where you can return to relax in the spa and enjoy a typical meal with traditional cuisine.

The Stelvio National Park also has lots of activities just for children: walking and orienteering in the woods, and creative and educational workshops to discover life and work in the mountains.