An eco hotel in Trentino

What does it mean to be an eco hotel in Trentino?
The Monari family has managed the hotel Cevedale (previously an Osteria) for more than 100 years: if we have got this far we owe it to our values and the profound respect we have for the environment around us.

Ecolabel certification: we are an eco hotel in Trentino

In 2008 we received the Ecolabel quality mark that certifies the best companies and services from an environmental point of view. With this in mind we made important choices which we are proud of and we want to share them with our guests:

-    our electricity comes in part from renewable sources
-    we use locally sourced food products as much as possible
-    we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and paper.

One of our future objectives is to connect the hotel to a district heating system and gradually replace old appliances with new energy-efficient ones.

Informing our guests: the most important thing for an eco hotel in Trentino

One of the things that are most important to us when managing our eco hotel is informing our guests on holiday in Trentino: we ask you to follow some simple eco-friendly rules and we invite you to take part in the many events and initiatives that are organised in the area to protect the environment.
  • Do not open the windows when the central heating is on;
  • Turn off the lights in the room when not necessary: when leaving the room remove the key card to turn off all the lights;
  • Reduce water consumption by trying to: turn off the water when washing your teeth;
  • Use the bins provided in the bathroom for non-recyclable waste in particular for nappies, various packaging, razor blades and plasters, and use the bin in the room for paper;
  • Separate other recyclable waste (glass,  aluminium, plastic, metal and organic waste) in the bins provided in the recycling area on the ground floor near the elevators and other special waste (such as batteries, medicine and bulky waste) in the reception;
  • Use the complimentary toiletries more than once and leave the empty containers on the sink when empty: they will be collected by the cleaners to be reused again;
  • Shower caps can be requested from reception;
  • Inform personnel immediately if you notice any water leaks;
  • It is forbidden to use aggressive cleaners or dispose of bulky waste or use substances that are hazardous or noxious to health or safety that could damage, block or prevent the normal working order of sinks or toilets;
  • We remind you that Italian law forbids smoking in all communal areas and we also kindly ask you not to smoke in your rooms, but to use outdoor spaces such as balconies;
  • We inform you that in the spirit of the environmental policy at our Hotel, the sheets are changed mid-week (for more frequent changes we kindly ask you to use the sign provided in your room) and the towels will be replaced on your request (in accordance with the instructions provided in the bathroom);
  • To reduce the use of motor vehicles we provide bicycles for short local trips on request from Reception.
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