The Piccolo Mondo Alpino: eco-museum in Val di Peio

The “Piccolo Mondo Alpino” eco-museum in  Val di Peio is in the Province of  Trento and covers the entire  Val di Peio area inside the Ortler-Cevedale Alps. Recognition from the Autonomous Province of Trento came in 2002, following an initiative to re-appropriate their roots started spontaneously by the local residents.

An eco-museum has no walls or divisions, it does not store showcases, fossils or paintings, but it is a natural area containing typical living environments to show the area’s landscape, architecture and history.

Piccolo Mondo Alpino” does not have just one theme but aims to tell the story of the entire area with all the historical and cultural variety it is made up of. There are many themes in the eco-museum to discover this Alpine area: the soul, sacred, water, minerals, wood, bread, cheese, linen, wool and the Great War.